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Ekol Oto Cam

manufacturer and exporter company of Frames and Auto Glasses.
Cicek Autoglass was founded at the begining of 1980s’ as a small workshop.Our founder Huseyin Cicek began his bussiness life in this small workshop. Requests for the products that were manufactured in our company increased every year and then our company was developed as Huseyin Cicek Automotive Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1997.
Our company was renewed according to conditions and its range of products were increased and were advanced from day to day. Tecnic System Automotive and Textile Export and Import Subcontractor company was founded at the end of 2002 by Huseyin Cicek.Thus, we demonstrated our desire and our claim about exporting .In the first year that we began to export,we exported to Romania , Hungary,Ukraine , Bulgaria,Russia,Israel,Czechoslovakia,Slovakia,Poland,Croatia and Moldova.So,this was the best thing what we have done so far and we also contributed to the country economy. But,it was not enough for us and Ekol Autoglass Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded at 2003 by us. Then , The distributor of South Marmara Region of Ugurlu Autoglass was joined our constitution , with this way we have taken part in autoglass sector which has a big blank in our country.
After two years of the foundation of Ekol Autoglass Co. Ltd. , an autoglass distributor which was belong to Ekol Autoglass Co. Ltd. was established in Eskisehir.At the begining of 2006, we understood that ISO 9001:2000 quality system certificate was obligatory and we have started to work appropriate to ISO system in 1st April 2006.Our company where window frames for van vehicles are manufactured besides autoglass marketing , was demonstrated to subcontractor companies with its products which was manufactured under our own brandname.
Autoglasses and window frames that are manufactured for van vehicles in our company are mounted to van vehicles in our company.Thus , we have done a thing that never has been done before in Turkiye.(Both production and mounting)We became as leader in this sector by mounting the window frames with glass that were manufactured by our employees who are experienced.

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Country: Turkey
City: Bursa
Address: Mudanya Cd. No:11 Osmangazi 16196 BURSA
Phone: + 90 (224) 23-335-35
Fax: + 90 (224) 23-480-74
URL address: http://http://ekoloto.en.ec21.com
Contact person: Serdar VARLIK
Position: Sales

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